7mm stw vs 7 RUM


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Jan 6, 2004
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What kind of groups shooters getting with the Sendero, Ruger#, Sako's, Weatherby's in the 7stw or 7 RUMs. I would like the likes or dislikes. THanks
ted, i know you didn't ask about rem, but with my hand loads i cover a three shot group with a dime. thats a 700bdl out of the box.
I have owned, handloaded and shot both the 7MM STW and RUM.I have settled on the STW.It will do anything the RUM will do with a 140 grain bullet, which is what I shoot.
My groups run 1/2 to 1 inch @ 3550 fps with the Nosler 140 bal tip.
Remington is without a doubt one of the most accurate rifles in any caliber that you can buy right off the shelf.
In my Hart barreled 7STW I have no trouble keeping 5 shot groups under a half inch with heavy loads and hunting bullets.

While experimenting with RE25 and 140gr B-Tips I was also able to achieve velocities in excess of 3,500 ft/sec. However, this was definately a HOT load and I normally shoot them between 3,300-3,400 ft/sec.

How many reloads do you get with the 7mm STW? I have a 7/300wby and I like it but only get about three reloads four tops.
Thanks Drags
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