7mm STW Reloading Thread

Does anyone have experience with 175 ELDX OR ABLR? Ive RL 22, 26, 33, IMR7828 and H1000. Been shooting 140 and 160ABs but believe 175s may be worth a try. I don't believe my Sako is twisted fast enough for anything heavier. Use will be for deer and elk past 300yds.
I shoot the 175 ELDX but use Retumbo. I'd use H1000 or 7828 if I were you. The sweet spot seems to be around 3000 fps. Mine shoots a ragged hole at 100 yards going 2974 fps.
Ran this load in a long range shooting class some years back. It was great in the wind out to 1060 yards. The bullet needs more resistance to perform better, so high shoulder shots work best on thin skinned game like deer and pronghorn. But not an issue on elk, just aim for double lung.
Just dropped a cow Elk Monday at 360 yrds. Not really long range but got it done.
Remington 700 Sendero 26" 1 in 9 tw.
8 mm mag RP brass necked to 7mm
Rem 9 1/2 m primer
Nosler 160 gr Accubond seated ro mag length
78 gr. RL 25
3140 FPS
Mine is very simple.
Rem m700 built by Smiths Custom Guns.
27" Fluted Hart
Winchester brass
80.0 grn. IMR 7828
Nos. 140 BT
Fed. 215
3512 f.p.s
Ave. group at .25"
My favorite deer load, they don't move!