7mm STW load work complete

That’s not my burn rate chart. Do you remember another with close to that burn rate??
aa8700, wc867, wc872, and us869 are all relatively similar. They are all 50 bmg ball or 20mm Vulcan ball powders... H870 is in the mix too as far as that burn rate. The burn rates vary a bit between lots on a lot of this stuff so buy a keg or two if you like it in a loading...
I love the STW but haven’t been able to wrap my head around not taking advantage of its velocity potential. I had some lots of 7828 that ran 160 accubonds at crazy speeds using Remington brass. Subsequent lots were over pressure. I’ve been playing around with RL26 and have had OK results with Nosler brass. They are neither as fast or as accurate. I’ve also noticed the RL 26 runs notably dirtier. The Nosler brass has bee driving me nuts in that the primer pockets run shallow and I’ve had mixed luck uniforming the depths without impacting the width. I’m running Federal 215Ms.
I have had good luck with the 160gr AB. It’s my favorite bullet so far.
I used rl25 and 140/143 for many years. Switched to 195's and N570 at the first of this year and cut groups in half, along with barrel life...