7mm Sherman Short


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Feb 22, 2016
I've been looking forward to getting this rifle for a long time and now that it finally arrived from the smith my financial situation has changed. There for I am offering my trued R700 Sherman Short for sale.

The action is a R700 long action so you can load the heavy 7mm bullets as long as you want. The barrel is a Brux Barrels #17 finished at 30" with an 11 degree target crown. The trigger is a TriggerTech special set at 16oz. The stock is the Archangel AA700 MLA and includes one 5 round detachable magazine. The action has been bedded to the stock. Weight without the bipod is 13.8#.

The bolt knob is MK machining hourglass bolt knob. The rail is a weaver 20moa. A set of Whidden Gunworks Dies for the 7mm Sherman short is included.

I will also thow in 4 opened but very little used boxes of 7mm bullets. 1 box each of 175 eldx, 180 eldm, 175 berger eol, 180 berger hybrid target.

Asking $1300 Shipped
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