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Dec 6, 2008
Just picked up Rem Model 7 in 7mm SAUM w/ 22" barrel. I plan on trying some 168 gr Bergers and maybe Rel 22. Anyone have any suggestions or good loads with this combo. I'm hoping to get at least 2850fps.


I have a Model 700 chambered in 7mmSAUM with a 24 inch stainless steel barrel. My results may differ from yours. I have shot many different bullets and loads in the gun. However, I have not shot the exact combination that you are asking about. First, I loaded 168 Berger with IMR-7828. I worked this load up and from my data 59.0 grains produced 2800 ft/sec.. This is not a max load and I could have given it a grain or more in my gun. I shoot 160 TSX bullets with 60.5 grains for a velocity of 2950 ft/sec..
I have shot RL-22 with 160 Accubond bullets. I just never seemed to get as good of accuracy and I did with IMR-7828. With RL-22 I used 59.0 grains to get just over 2800 ft/sec and 60.0 grains gave me 2872 ft/sec.
What does all this mean? I think that you can get 2850 ft/sec out of your gun using 168 Bergers and RL-22. Just start low and work up looking for pressure signs. If you don't get what you are looking for give IMR-7828 a try.

P.S. Look at 6mmBr.com for more information on the 7mm SAUM.
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Thanks for the info Shortmagman. I may try IMR-7828 if the Rel 22 doesn't work out. I'll have to check out 6mmbr forum, I've heard lots of guys talk about but never checked it out.


Like shortmagman I don't quite shoot the combo you're looking for, but I do shoot the 162 gr Amax over Re22.

My rifle is a semi custom with a 27" tube, 60.5 grs of Re 22 produce 2940 fps with a single digit ES. This is not a max load in this gun, but it's usually good for sub .5" groups at 100yds and I like the ES results so I stick with it.

I also shoot the 160 gr Accubond over the same charge of Re 22, accuracy isn't quite as good but still easily under 1" at 100 yds and the ES is in the teens. Still plenty good for what I do.

Just picked up Rem Model 7 in 7mm SAUM w/ 22" barrel. I plan on trying some 168 gr Bergers and maybe Rel 22. Anyone have any suggestions or good loads with this combo. I'm hoping to get at least 2850fps.


Roadhunter, I don't have a 7saum , but i do have a 300 saum. My barrel is 24 inch It seems as though THIS barrel likes RL19 and 168gr. bullets, or rl22 with 185 Lapuas. ( what a bullet) I beleive that those 2 powders are about your best PRE selections. My only thought is that the bullet you have picked is the best out there, for me anyway. But I think that you are going to be hardpressed to get the velocity that you want, beacause of the 22 inch barrel. another great powder that I did use in quest for my saum was Varget and WLRM primers. Be careful with those primers because they are HOT. Nosler is now making 300 saum brass, not sure about 7saum.That is a fun bullet load for is is not too finicky. Seating depth is usually right against the box, because I am told that the UM family, both short and long are free bored. Just like Weatherby. I like alm,ost anything in 7MM, and thought about that bullet shortly ago, but think that I would opt for 7wsm instead IF I was to go that way. Have fun, I think that rifle will be a tack driver. I assume it is a model 7? AIM SMALL< MISS SMALL! 7STWlightbulb
Well I finally got a chance to do some barrel break in and load development.
I decided to go in a different route with powder. I found 2lbs of Rel 17 that I had originally picked up for my 325wsm (but sold the gun) so I figured I'd give it a try.

I tried both 54 and 55grs with the 168gr Bergers. 54gr shot really well but velocity averaged 2749 and was all over the place. The 55gr load got sticky bolt lift and didn't shoot as good. I think part of my problem is being stuck with loading to magazine length if I want a repeater.

I then tried 55 and 56 grains with the 160 Nosler Accubonds. 55grs shot ok but the 56 grain load was unbelievable. After the cold bore which was immediately after cleaning, I put the the other 4 in about .65 moa with an average velocity of 2915 fps and ES of 12fps! No signs of pressure. Should be a lights out load for Blacktails this year!

Remington Model 7 22"
7mm SAUM
160 gr Accubond
Rem brass
CCI 250
56gr. Reloader 17
COL 2.825
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