7mm RUM velocity


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Dec 27, 2003
Billings, MT
Whats the highest velocities everyone is getting with the 7mm rum using 140 and 160 gr bullets? What powders? Barrel length?

Michael Eichele

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Jan 6, 2003
The rifle range, or archery range or behind the co
I read an arctile in the "Western optics hunter" magazine recently that had a 7mm RUM built on a Ruger #1 action w/a 28.5" bbl and he claimed to be getting 3730 FPS w/140 Nosler ballistic tip. around 1/2" group. I do not know what powder he used, I imagine it was something like RL-25 or some super slow powder.

I dont know exactly how true it is either.


A friend of mine is getting 3310 fps with the 160 gr. TSX and Retumbo, very consistant velocity and 3/4" groups at 100 yards with his factory 700 SS.


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Sep 12, 2002
I'm shooting a 26" SF Sendero in 7 Ultra and am getting 3500+ with a 140gr NBT Moly over 96.0gr of I-7828 lit by F-215s. I don't think this is max, but it shoots so well, I'm going to leave it alone. I haven't done much with the heavies because I haven't been able to find the really slow powders, i.e. H50BMG and the like.
As usual, I would recommend you reduce any load and sneek up on max. My understanding from other shooters is this round spikes pressure fast.
Good Shooting,

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