7mm RUM Bullet Selection ???


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Feb 16, 2002
Great Falls, MT
I finally got out to the chucks this weekend for the first test run of a semi-custom 7mm RUM built on a Winchester Laredo base. I have an accurate load worked up using some 140 BT's that I had left over from earlier 7mm STW work. Was set up for some 875 - 925 yd. shots but the changing crosswinds played havoc with the BT. Was within 6" or so on several shots. With the wind and all, I was happy with this but still, no success.

Moved to a different shooting location. It was shorter shots but put the wind directly at my back. Things became a lot more predictable. Was able to record my first hit over 600 yds. (615) with this gun. I was pleased with the guns first days work on the varmints. I've a little run-out problem that I will need to address real soon, but am looking forward to pushing things well beyond this ranges soon.

My question; is there a heavier bullet out there that will increase my BC and drift abilities while still allowing the expansion that I want on these small creatures? These chucks can take quite a beating and still get to their holes, leaving only blood drops for confirmation of hit. I don't like that and the 140 gr. BT did well in this area, ending things rather quickly and graphicly for the chuck. But it's BC of .485 certainly isn't stellar. When I had this gun built, I was very much looking forward to working with the .625 BC of the 162 gr. Hornady A-Max. Found out early on that these bullets simply would not hold up to the velocity of the RUM. 3200 fps was giving extremely inconsistent accuracy. I've no idea how slow I'd have had to back things off for groups to tighten up. Not a direction I want to persue with the RUM anyway. So, out of availability, I loaded up some of the 140 BT's as fast as I could safely get them and got just over 2" groups at 400 yds.

Was considering the heavy Bergers but have never worked with them. Sierra's? Anything that can satisfy my needs? Thank You. >> klallen
Hi John M. >> Was able to get some specifics with a search of Cauterucio bullets here but how expensive are the 156's? I'll have to give these some heavy consideration. Sounds like their heavier construction would work in well with some extended range deer and antelope hunting as well. Very interested in them now. Thank you. >> klallen
klallen, his bullets use a larger jacket. (30 cal for 7mm, 7mm for 6.5)so you get a nice mushroom.
They are great on game.

I'm late for the office, but if you email me I'll tell you the whole story behind his bullets.

You'll really like it!
Hey JOHN M. >> Sent you an e-mail a while ago about those Cauterucio. Haven't heard anything yet. Do you have a price for the 156 gr. .284's you're using? How many come in a lot (box)? Thanks. >> klallen
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