7mm RUM Barrel Life


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Feb 26, 2003
So what is the life expectance of a factory Remington 700 Sendero 7mm RUM barrel?

I have around 400 rounds through the factory barrel and thought that it was just getting broken in.

It is in being rechambered for a tight neck with minimum freebore. Also having a muzzle brake installed.

Question is, should I be having all of this work done to the factory barrel or should I be having a new barrel installed?
Lot of money to put into a non match grade barrel. When all done it still will not shoot that much better with a new chamber in a factory barrel. Try neck bushing dies with the factory chamber.

Most would agree your money would be better spent going to a match grade barrel.

just my 2 cents.

Ok, so I talked to the smith about this and he is going to put a 28" Pac-Nor Super Match on the 7mm RUM, blue print the action, chamber it, and install a muzzle break.

Might as well go all the way if I am going to have barrel work done, huh.
That's the spirt--hang around these boys a little longer, and you'll also want to buy the book Rich Dad's Guide to Investing by Rob Kiyosaki [they spared no expense on the Death Star, either, so why should you??]

Yes, a quality barrel can make a world of difference, and an important aside is that you can determine the chambering dimensions that you want--this, I feel, is very vital. After that, well, hells-bells, it's just things like the stock, bedding, optics, rings, bases, tuning, triggers, bolt flex, thread patterns, dies, all the latest Bond measuring devices, and of course, the desire to burn out a marvelous machanical aacomplishment.

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