7mm rem mag


Jul 23, 2002
i am begining to shoot long range with my 7 mag. i thought i would try the 168gr sierra matchkings. would r22, h1000, and h4831 be good powders to try? any other recommendations? thanks for all your help.
Looks like you are on the right track. My favorite is R22. Probably the most recognized powder for the 7mm is H4831. SMK's generally offer the best combination of price, BC, and accuracy, but check out Northwest Custom Projectile www.customprojectile.com They make a 162gr. hunting bullet which you would be able to shoot faster and it has a BC of .559 vs. .49 of the sierra. (Tell him Kevin sent ya).

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I've some R22 that I have been meaning to try in mine. But the H1000 and H4831SC have done so well I have opened the bottle yet.

I've gotten great groups with the SMK's, 162 AMax's and Berger 180 VLD's So far the bergers have shot the tightest groups in my rifle.
hey tim,
thanks for the post. you said h1000 worked well in your rifle. i was just wondering what you load was, and was it a max load? thanks
I know my loads for the Bergers is below book max. I'm only using 57.5 Grains to push them out at 2550 fps.

I'm using 64 grains with the 162 AMax's, I'm sure it's also below max, but I can't recall by how much. They have a MV of 2780, and make 500 yard jackrabbits nearly impossible to find.
Try 150 Nosler Ballistic Tips and 67.5 grains IMR 7828. This is a Ken Waters pet load combination and has worked very well in my fussy Sendaro in 7 Rem Mag. This is near max in my short bthroated rifle so you may want to start at 65 and work up.
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