7mm Rem Mag vs 6.5 Prc


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Feb 23, 2020
7mm/300prc great gun just have to have made get them an die reamer from pgt from white city ore. 195 grn berger 3030 fps


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Apr 23, 2014
7mm and bigger for me.

For the recoil.
A lot people dont know that shape of stock have a lot part of the recoil.
And I know from experience ,if You put good soft ruber(limsaver 1") on the end of stock it help a lot.

I have on all my magnum rifle brake and good recoil pad and that is way to go.

I have ,not to long ago, problem with recoil in my 375HH.
Scope is sliping and it was not pleasent to shoot.
First I was put brake on it and it helped a lot ,but still it not pleasent to shoot ,why not ,because the recoil pad is hard as a rock yes it was thick over 1" but it was rooock.

And when I change it ,rifle is finnaly pleasent to shoot.


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Dec 20, 2008
Great Falls, MT
Thats the way I'm leaning
Then go with that. No need to complicate it unnecessarily, this is not going to be your last rifle purchase. Like my original offer to you, if you end up with a 5/8-24 thread on your rifle, I have a couple of self-indexing muzzle brakes made for .264/6.5 cal that you are welcome to try.

I honestly do not know how the thread has 10+ pages with only two choices from the OP. 😇
Jun 14, 2019
new jersey
been shooting 7mmmag since it came out 1962 i have killed with one shot every game animal in north america using 160 gr sierra 140 and 150 gr nosler ballistic tips used on chucks ,i would not shoot a chuck less than 300for many years.iprefer 500 yards i have worn out the barrels on two of them my finding is if a barrel is a shooter you dont need all the refinements that target shooters require.i have two that shoot one half inch or less.very consistently some needed glass bedding bbl and actions to shoot an inch or less.thats where i concentrate my efforts the bbl.when loading i use factory loaded bullets to determine the length and i load old max loads.i have never had a problem with that old data tens of thousands of rounds through 12 different rifles.the recoil is not very much more than my 308 at least to me.most of my rifles rem model 700s a few savage 110s the savage rifles always required downloading 1or 2 grs.moose were the only animal that did not drop to the shot when hit they required acouple of shots.rhigt throug the lungs.grizzly blackbear dead instantly.
my loads 175 gr 2975, 160sierra 3120 ,150 ballistic tip 3225 ,140bal tip3340, old load data used hodgens 4831,norma 205 or mrp same powder alliant rel 22,.my case life 4rds primer pockets expand.its a belted magnum.

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