7mm Rem Mag 175gr eldx


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Jan 4, 2015
Assawoman VA
I’m finishing up my latest 7mm Rem Mag build, it’s a Rem 700, 26in 1-8twist barrel. Has anyone used this bullet with good success in a Rem Mag?
7mm rem mag 1-9 twist 175 ELD-X 66.2 grs RL25 tried 162 ELD-X just couldn't find accuracy I was looking for will keep on trying but at the time i was getting ready for hunting and settled on the 175's, with good accuracy. Running about 2930 fps. I wish it was a bonded bullet, core and jacket separation on an antelope @ 413 yds quartering to me went in right front found jacket in front of left rear. Did not take a step fell in his tracks , I probably shouldn't complain.
Personally, I am not a fan of Hornady Bullets, but have found that they do the job if large bones aren’t hit.
I also found that the 168gr Bullets performed better out of my STW and RM with 9.25” twist.
2950 fps in a 26” barrel
VV N568 71 gr @ 2.5845
Norma brass
CCI250 primers
Be careful with this if not using Norma brass, it has more capacity than any other brand.