7mm prc vs 7mm saum/SS

DJ Fergus

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Dec 25, 2015
Has anyone loaded for both of these cartridges? Does the prc exhibit just as wide of charge weight nodes as the saum & SS?
I have loaded for two rifles in the SAUM. Light and medium weight bullets and may see a 7 PRC in my future. I’ll be interested to see how the replies go on this
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With brass difficult to impossible to find in the SAUM, I don't know why that is an option. PRC brass is plentiful at this time, and whichever route you go, you should buy enough brass to last the barrel's lifetime of 1100 rounds or so.

I wish I had a case of brass for both cartridges along with Winchester 7 STW brass.
7SS so far loading 2 different bullets, 168 VLD-H and 175 Elite Hunter. Both are shooting great and almost zero load development. The 168 was literally three powder loads at one seating depth and 5 shots in the bottom of the black square. Same for the 175. Those pics are at 100 yds and amount to shots fired through the barrel numbers 10-20 or so. Barrel not even broken in yet.


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So, nobody can tell me what a "7 S/FC" is?
7 S/FC is the 7mm Sherman f class and is brand new. I designed the 6.5 PRC/SI a while back and just necked it up to 7mm.
It has very low body taper, 40 degree shoulder, and lots of
fb for f class. it will run 3000 with a 26" barrel and 180 if you want to, near max pressure.
I have some top of the line nitrided sizers for it and will have Hornady sets for it and the 6.5 version soon.