7mm or 7wsm?


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Feb 12, 2004
Shooting 180 bergers or JLKs which would you rather have? Especially from an accuracy and velocity standpoint.
I think I'd rather try the 7wsm. Troy G. is having one built and I'm curious myself how it works out for him.

Len is working on a 7/338 Lapua Imp, have you considered that one at all? I'm just as curious about the results with it too.

Equal in expected accuracy would be the Cauterucio 176 which has a slightly thicker jacket. Also, if I remember, a slightly higher BC.
Hmmmm... Was the question about the two bullets or the two cartridges? Must be time for bed, I shouldn't be reloading this time of night anyway!
Whoops! I shouldn't answer these questions until I have my morning caffiene.

Trader, yes, .750

The 9 twist depends on velocity. Stability, oc course, is related above all the rotational speed. In turn this is affected by twist and fps.

Call Bob to discuss the combo needed.

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