7mm JRS, 280 RCBS Imp, 280 Gibbs


Jan 4, 2010
hey everyone i am new the the site and am hoping to get some help. I have been lookin to make a 7mm non mag rifle. I found the 7mm JRS and cant find a reamer. I have read about the 7mm RCBS and the 280 Gibbs. I cant find load data for the later 2. and anyone enlighten me on the gibbs. If someone can tell me where a JRS reamer is I think i would kiss ya......thanks in advance.
I have the gibbs and the jrs. Both are basically the same performance wise with the difference being the gibbs is based off the '06 case and the jrs off the 280 case. I like the longer 280 case version best with a little longer neck. Both are so close to the 7mm rem mag in performance they will do anything the 7mm rem mag will do. That is why I shoot them and not the 7 rem mag. If I want more power I step up to the STW. I will get some load data out for you tonite when I have time. The two are so close to the same thing most load data is interchangable. E R Shaw barrel company still has a reamer for the JRS. I rented one from somewhere about 12 years ago. I will try and look up where I got the reamer.
geez thanks for the reply. i had already called ER Shaw and they told me they dont have the 7mm jrs reamer anymore. they told me they discontinued that caliber 3yrs ago. what sort of barrel life can i expect from the JRS is i get a reamer located.
I built 3-4 7mm JRS several years ago and I know a couple of those guys have shot the daylights out of them with no barrel problems. Mine has probably 750 rounds through it and has no problem. I know they have shot their rifles more than 750 rounds. Barrle life would be quite a bit more than a 7 rem mag for sure. But I have never worn one out so do not have a difinitive number for you. I love the round because it will do everything a 7 rem mag will do with less powder, noise and recoil. I never could figure why it didn't gain more popularity. I will look tonite for more info for you. Very easy to make cases and reload. I looked up some data for you. 66 grains of 7828 pushes a 140 grain bullet 3220 fps out of a 26" barrel. One of my best hunting loads with it is the 150 grain swift scirroco at 3140 fps with 64.5 grains of 7828. These were a couple of my accuracy loads with CCI 250 primers.
I have previously owned several .280 RCBS Improved rifles with 30 degree shoulders and two .280 Ackley Imp's. They are two peas in a pod and you can use load data on the Ackley for the RCBS version. Nosler online has some very good data for the Ackley, which was mostly done by Steve Timm who used to write for Varmint Hunters magazine. He probably has more practical experience--both hunting and testing--than anyone in the world, including Jarrett. You will enjoy whichever round you choose. In the field, there is no practical difference on game.
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