7MM grains for H4831 anyone know where to start


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Nov 30, 2009
i just bought a 7MM and have already played did some testing about my bullets and powders... ive used H1000, RL22 with berger and A-MAX bullets, and with my gun A-MAX is the way to go but i want to try H4831 powder but dont know where to start it if it burns hotter or not... if anyone shoots a 7MM with H4831 if you would let me know a good place to start the grains
Assuming you are talking about the 7mm Remington Magnum and a 162 gr. Hornady A-Max, with H4831 I would start at 62 grains and work up from there watching for pressure signs. Back off to 61 grains if you are planning on jamming the bullet into the lands.


thank you for the info and its good to knowcause if i went by the other powders id be trying 67 or 68 grains lol... never shot or owned a 7MM so i dont know much aobut them... i own a 300WSM i shoot long distance and hunt with too..
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