7mm bullet choices


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Jul 30, 2009
SW Missouri
Need some help guys. I have a Sendero in 7mm RM coming soon and I'm trying to get everything together. I'm having a hard time deciding on which bullets to use. It'll be used for paper punching and white tail deer hunting for now. From what I saw on a few charts it looks like energy and velocity didn't change a whole lot from 140's to 175's. But it looked like the 140's dropped less. I would like to try the 180 bergers but I don't think I can stabilize them. Any suggestions on what size and type to use would be appreciated so I can get to ordering.
I'm pretty sure the Sendero has a ~1:9.2 twist which would stabilize the 180 VLD in most conditions. If it's borderline, the 168 VLD only requires a 1:10" twist. The 168 VLD from a RM is a very popular and successful combination for long range target shooting and hunting.

I shoot a 7wsm and really like the 162 amax.
It has a great bc and is a good combination of velocity and retained energy.
I'm getting very good accuracy and have one shot kills on antelope at 600 and 400yds in very strong winds.
I'm using h1000 and getting 3030fps with a 26" barrel
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