7mm 160 Accubond BC


What if. . . that bullet was brought up to 170 class in weight and about .15 or so, added to the bc, with the same exact terminal performance?

That will be my next quest . . . after and when the current project proves itself.

I'm already assembling parts and pieces for a 7 RUM in my mind to start the testing.

Being limited by a less than 0.6 bc is uncomfortable.:)


You already know my answer, just check my signature :)

i can tell you about the hold together over 3200 i got a elk with one at about 90 yds with my 7mm 416 withe the bullet leaving the barrel at 3500 or so and broke both shoulders and still exited the off side. we did find one that was shot out to 926 yds thanksgiving day and it still was 148 grians on the scale and was against the hide on the opposite shoulder out of same gun i'm sold on them.
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