7mm-08 vs 308


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Apr 21, 2009
Canadian County, Ok.
Ok, for some reason I have the urge to get a 7mm-08 to hunt with. It would be used to hunt whitetail and probably some hogs in Oklahoma. I already have a .300wsm and a .308 that I hunt with now. From everything I've read the 7-08 is a fantastic deer caliber but I don't have any first hand experience with it.

What do you guys think, is the 7-08 any better then a .308? Or is there enough differences to justify switching calibers?
By far the biggest gain you will get by going with the 7-08 is the quality of the bullets. The 7mm VLD or ULD bullets have much higher BC's as the .308 bullets of the same weight. Besides, it's always nice to have something that most shooters don't have.
Making A Case For The 308 Winchester

IMHO, at realistic hunting ranges for both calibers there isnt enough difference to matter. On paper, the 708 can sometimes outperform the 308 at longer than responsible hunting ranges but we are not talking 1000 yard paper here we are talking terminal performance at reasonble hunting distances.
I have had both & at normal ranges deer & hogs are taken there is no difference. I prefer the 308 myself ,but the 7-08 is a good cartridge too.
If you are a Reloader then the 7mm-08 is the best option. Ammo makers don't load any heavy high BC bullets, at least that I've seen.

Been using it for 30+ years and will not go back to a 308 Win, ever.

You can load it light or heavy. from 100gr Varmint bullets, 120gr Ballistic or 140gr Ballistic Tips for deer. Also the 139gr SST for deer (one of my favorites).

On the heavier side bullets like 150gr ELD-X, 162gr ELDX, or 168gr VLDH, make this rifle great for deer out to 700yds and a 500yd rifle for elk; and even longer ranges at higher elevations.

Recently we've discussed giving the 180gr VLDH a try, if we can get it at 2,500 fps or faster it will be a nice hammer also out to 700 yds.
I went to the 7-08 a couple years ago. Running 140 GameKing bullets at 2770fps. Hits like a sledge hammer and extremely accurate. Has but the hurt on a couple whitetail and several hogs.
Head the man who owns one gun, He will know how to use it.
It is all about the shot placement with any caliber.
Does the gun you have feel like an extension of yourself?
The stock fit, trigger, optics, and recoil?
They all go bang, it will be another learning curve, feel, and all of the above.
Life was simple when all I had was my .270. Used it for target, ground hogs, and till deer season rolled around it was and extension of myself.
I love the 7mm-08. It's kind of like the smaller cal improved '06. Same capacity to bore area ratio but more efficient case.