7mm 08 hunting rifle out to 1000 yds

JC Hedj

Apr 2, 2011
In trying to reach game and targets out to long ranges a lot of shooters have been led by the nose to more power , bigger bullets , hot loads etc etc etc. by manufacturers and unskilled shooters.

4 items compose a great 1000 yd long range rifle/shooter
1) Physical condition of he rifleman ( shooter )
2) Excellnet/good condition rifle
3) Optics with a 20 moa one piece mounting base
4) Ammuntion that can travel at least 2600 fps and Mach 1.2 at 1000 yds

Shooters preference for recoil. I chose the 7mm 08 because I can load ammunition from the 270 cal up to the .308 ( 175 gr ) range.

The proof of my endeavors : part 1 ( 162 gr AMAX ) part 2 ( 139 gr hunting bullets ) out ot 1,000 yds. this particular Remington 700 Varminter brought down a west Texas antelope at 725 yds with a 139 gr SST bullet.
Video links

Remington 700 Varminter 7mm 08 at 1000 yds - YouTube

Remington 700 Varminter part 2 _ 139 gr Bullets at 1000 yds - YouTube

Enjoy...its November , less than one month for a great hunt this year

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004
I am a big fan of the 7/08 for many reasons. Accuracy, bullet selection, lack of recoil
and long range performance on targets.

I like many have made 600 yard one shot kills on deer and 600+ on hogs but due to terminal
velocity and energy, that is all that I will ask of it and have never been disappointed in it.

On paper I have the utmost confidence in the 7/08 @ 1000 yards.

Look at the velocity and energies for your preferred load and you will see where it's limits are.

Just my opinion