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Jan 4, 2010
Hello, I am a brand new member and sorry if this is a redunant question. I am an avid coyote hunter and I am always working on my calling but the dogs we call have heard everything in the book. I always get those dogs into 400-700 yards and they stop. I need something to fix this problem. I am looking at buying a remmington 7mm-08 with a hs precision heavy varmit stock with a 26'' Lilja barrel. Shooter willing will this fix my preoblem. Any other advise would be great.
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First of all welcome to the addiction. I think the rifle that you described would work just fine for what you are doing. The 7mm has good bc bullets and is comparible to the 308 win. With lots of practice at those ranges you should be smoking yotes even if they are cautious and stay there distance. Hope this helps.
This Is an Good Problem to Have .

You can Fix any problem with an New Rifle or Pistol.

I Deer hunt with an 7mm 08 an Love it .

But I coyote Hunt with an 25 06 . an 25 06 would do better 400 to 700 yards .

What do you to Hunt Coyote an Deer with . .

You May Just need t Have some One Reload you some Flater Shooting Bullets .

But The Problem you have Could be Fixed Buying an new Rifle .

Just Try an 7mm 08 If that want work Just Buy anther Rifle .

25 06 Or what evey You like .

I can Pm you my Phone Number where we could Talk .

Just let me know

7mm-08 is a great choice, and will probably be the next rifle I will buy. That being said, I would look towards a 6.5 mm class rifle and take up handloading. The 6.5 has a ballistic edge on the 7mm and can be loaded down for coyote and antelope all the way up to elk (with proper shoot placement). I have whacked coyotes at 500 yards with my .260 rem. 264 win mag would be a great choice as well. Good luck with your search.
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For those distances, I think you would do better with a .257 Weatherby or .25-06. 7mm-08 is a ****-good cartridge. I've had one since I was about 14.....So, going on 10 years now. Been an excellent deer cartridge...I bet it would be a good Yote gun too if set up properly. The farthest I've ever shot my 7mm-08 is probably that last deer I killed with it, several years back. She was about 425 yards away, and I was shooting Hornady Custom 139 grain SST bullets. A .308 would be a good one too...but the 7mm-08 would be a flatter shooting gun.
you should look at what bullets you want to use, and find out (here or from the mfg) the lowest velocity for expansion. then use a ballistics program to see what distance you fall below that velocity, and see if you can live with that.

for example, the 150 ballistic tip, bc 493 launched at 2750fps, would carry 2063fps at 400 and just 1625fps at 700. What I don't know is, will a ballistic tip open up at just 1625fps??

Maybe a different bullet would be better, like a 162 Amax, bc .625. launched at 2600fps would carry 2067fps at 400 and 1714fps at 700. Again, possibly the same issue.

maybe folks on here know min expansion velocities on these & other bullets. Otherwise contact the manufacturers.
Just looking at reloadersnest.com, 2700+fps is very attainable with a 162grn A-max. Having a 2" longer barrel than what is listed as the load tells me 2850 to 2900fps might be possible with the right load or factory (not so much factory... but at least 2850). This bullet will be more than enough and carry enough poop to take down a yote at 700yrds. If one should linger farther out, dial it up and send it. I think this caliber has the making of a champion. You want to shoot flatter and faster 139grn SST should flip it on its back. The energy is low but your speed is well over 2000fps which will cause the bullet to do its job at 700yrds.

I would not hesitate to buy a rifle set up the way you have explained. Custom barrel, aftermarket stock, doesnt' get much better than that. Not to mention you buy your self a good scope, and BAM, dead coyote.

Federal, HSM, Nosler, Norma all offer a good selection of ammo in the 140 class bullet. The bonus is the Horandy factory ammo. They have that new superformance with 139 SST's coming soon. This would be the cat's meow if you could get your hands on some. Everything I am reading so far says it is good stuff.

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After reading through one of my reloading manuals I need to update my previoes post and put in a plug for the 257 weatherby mag: A nosler 85 gr BT (BC .329) traveling 3700 fps or 100 gr BT (bc .379) traveling 3500 fps would put a world of hurt on any coyote at the distances you are talking about.

As another OP stated, you need to pick the right bullet for the job and run it through a ballistic calculator to determine if it will properly expand at the distance you are talking about. I don't know where I read it, but I use a temin terminal velocity of 1,800 fps to ensure I get the desired expansion I want on any size critter. I do believe, however, most varmint bullets require a little less.
Get the 7mm-08, load some 150 gr. Sierra Matchkings and go shoot coyotes out as far as you want.

I used this combo to shoot F-Class out to 600 yards and was very competitive. I used a factory Remington 700 LVSF in 7mm-08 with a 22" bbl, I would get 1/2" groups with this rifle using Varget.

Here you go guys....I just did a Ballistics calculation table for the 7mm-08 shooting the new Hornady 139 grain SST Superformance factory loaded ammo. Here is my trajectory results with a 300 yard "Zero".

Here's your "cheat sheet". LOL

Muzzle: - 1.5"
100 yds: + 3.8"
200 yds: + 4.6"
300 yds: 0"
400 yds: - 10.7"
500 yds: - 28.7"
600 yds: - 55.1"
700 yds: - 91.5"
800 yds: - 139.7"
900 yds: - 202.0"
1,000 yds: - 281.1"

MOA Adjustment Scale:
Muzzle: - 1.5
100 yds: - 3.6
200 yds: - 2.2
300 yds: 0
400 yds: + 2.6
500 yds: + 5.5
600 yds: + 8.8
700 yds: + 12.5
800 yds: + 16.7
900 yds: + 21.4
1,000 yds: + 26.8
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Here's the same setup, but with a 500 yard "Zero".

Muzzle: - 1.5"
100 yds: + 9.6"
200 yds: + 16.2"
300 yds: + 17.4"
400 yds: + 12.3"
500 yds: 0"
600 yds: - 20.9"
700 yds: - 52.1"
800 yds: - 95.3"
900 yds: - 153.1"
1,000 yds: - 228.3"

MOA Adjustment Scale:
Muzzle: - 1.5
100 yds: - 9.2
200 yds: - 7.7
300 yds: - 5.5
400 yds: - 2.9
500 yds: 0
600 yds: + 3.3
700 yds: + 7.1
800 yds: + 11.4
900 yds: + 16.2
1,000 yds: + 21.8
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I think the best set up is to sight in at 100 yards and get a scope with target turrets to dial the elevation for the longer shots, I think he would be more precise that way.

Well...Yes and no. I usually prefer to "zero" at 300 for all my rifles...Then adjust MOA with target turrets Or just learn at distance how far your mil-dots are apart at certain ranges, and carry a range finder with you.
What do u do for shots under 300, dial down? If so u would have to count backwards on your dial. What if you have a NF with zero stop, now you don't have the option to dial down, only hold low, which in a quick situation I don't think is as accurate.

Just my $.02

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