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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
Butch,myself and my Father-in-Law Larry went to take care of a few chuck's last night.Butch and I got set up,and found a hog at 525 and one at 750....A few guy's I know stopped to see what we were doing.I showed them the hog and after some,(You can't hit that from here)talk.I spun the 13.8 min on Killer and let one fly.If he was an inch taller he would have been toast.I loaded another round and BINGO dead hog.Then I heard the,(I COULD HIT HIM FROM HERE TOO)line.....But of coarse they did'nt try.I have'nt seen the video yet but Butch said it looked real good.We also gave Butch's 270WSM a work out.For the first time out the WSM is showing ALOT of promise.We had as many as 6 hog's out at the same time.We are gonna have ALOT of fun later this week.There were 4 in one coner of the field but the clover is too high now..The farmer said he was cutting sometime this week....Will let everybody know how it goes............
I just love those hog-a-poppin stories!
Keep them coming.
Going to Tioga this weekend to try for the mile hog. 3 attemps this year but no success yet. Mostly bad wind and a bad rangefinder.
Good luck to you.

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There is no event. It's just a friend of mine and myself hunting on farmland off of bipods. There's no benches or anything like that. But if that's what your looking to get in on, we could probably work something out.
Hey Boyd, do you have access to a 1000 yrd range? I mean one with a bench and all. The fartherst I ever shot this monster of mine on paper was 500yds. And that was off of a truck hood with a 10 mph wind shaking the truck and enough mirage to move a 1.5" dot 1-2" It shot ok, 3.75". I didn't think it too bad considering the condition and all.
I would love to shoot off a decent bench at 1000 yrds sometime or at least 800.

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Boyd, I'm in Dover Pa. Just out side of York PA. My afore mentioned shootin buddy and I have talked about going to Williamsport to shoot but I am a little afraid of making a fool of myself not knowing benchrest and all, and shooting with all you great shooters.
I was thinking more on the lines of going to a range just to shoot, not to compete.
Believe me,you won't make a fool out of yourself....Load up your huntin buddy and your gun's fifty round's of ammo....I'm sure you could find someone to get you going....(HINT,HINT)
...We all had our FIRST TIME.....
.....You will never know until you try....
Ok Boyd, you got me thinkin. When Is this shoot? Where is the range at? I know where Williamsport is. From say route 11/15.
I'm not going to be able to shoot this weekend. I'm going to Tioga Sat. at 4 am to shoot those hogs I was a tellin you about. I only have 28 rounds loaded up.(I could have sworn that I had more bullets than that. Maybe the dog eat em.) Any how, I maybe able to stop in and check things out though.

Maybe I could shoot at the next match.

Also, What class would we have to shoot in? My gun weighs aprox. 20-25 lb, maybe more. It's a 300 Rum with a 30" Hart tube on a Browning A-bolt action. Sitting in a Wenig laminate hunk a wood on a barrel block.
My buddys gun is a 7-300 weatherby on a M70 action in a wittled down original piece a wood with a 26" blank tube. I don't think it wieghs more than 20 lb.

Also you said I won't make a fool of myself.
You don't know me. My displayed name is shootinlong not hittin long.
You have to get off at the Trout run exit From Willimsport.Go about 7 mile's to Bodine's bridge on the right.Cross the bridge and follow that road.Keep bearing left and you will run right in to it.The next match is on Sep 21(Light gun) and 22(Heavy Gun)....The light gun class has a 16.5 pound limit....And heavy gun's are any thing over that up to 100 pound's.....Heavy gun's can't have break's.If you wanna go,let me know and I can give you better direction's....It's all in good fun...

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Shootinlong (not, hittinlong)

Go to Williamsport and shoot, it's a riot. I shot there a few weeks ago for the first time. I had a riot. Boyd came up here and shot a few woodchucks. We have a few here and there. So far this year my buddy and myself have killed 98 woodchucks.

I shot my deer rifle at Williamsport. Rem 700 action, schnieder barrel 26", McMillan GP stock - round forend, Schmidt & Bender 4 to 16 X 50 PM II scope. I used 180gr ballistic tips - my deer hunting bullet. My entire rifle/scope combo weighed in at 11.8 lbs. I did BARELY manage to get all 10 shots on the paper. I had 3 go way right after the barrel got hot. It was getting real difficult to see much from the heat off my barrel after about 10 rounds. IF and I know there are always IF'S I don't count those 3 shots I had the other 7 in a 17" group. Not to bad for a "plain jane" deer rifle - 300 win mag. I shake like a dog sheetin razor blades. I doubt you would have any problems with that cannon your using.


I will be out today and tomorrow looking for fresh cut fields. I will get back to you and let you and Butch now what the status is.

Also I would like to get back to Williamsport 1 more time this year to shoot. Since I leave in 4 weeks for CO elk hunting and have a lot of practicing to do between now and then I doubt I will be able to fit it in my schedule

Have a good one and I will get back to you this week.

I would really like to go up to Williamsport to shoot but I do have a problem. My gun has a muzzle break and it goes over the 16.5 lb. limit. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with taking it off but I leave for Montana in about 9 weeks and I hate to change anything right now. It's a shame I can't shoot with it. Maybe in the spring I"ll give it a try. I have shot without it. The recoil isn't to bad but the jump is incredible for the size of the gun. Shootin off bipods it will come up aprox. 6".

I did do some hog huntin this past saturday though. I didn't make the mile like I hoped to do. The farm that I try for the mile hog just had 4 hunters up over the holiday and they shot 121 hogs walking the side I shot to. So I didn't even bother glassing for any pigs. I went to another farm.

The first hog I saw was 1056 yrs. I tried to talk my buddy into shootin, but he said ugliest gun goes first... Darnit! I cranked in 18.5 moa elevation and couldn't make up my mind what wind I should use. The wind was not to strong and we were sitting in a protected spot. So I didn't use any wind. Boooom!
My spotter announced perfect elevation, 2.5'-3' right. Hog now looking at the impact spot. I added 2.5 moa left windage! Boooom again. Spotter informed me perfect elevation again a couple a inches to the right. (Most of the time I can see my shots at that range but I always trust my spotter. He always steers me right.) The hog said that's enough of that and was gone. 45 minutes later there he is again. Head and shoulder out of his hole.
I gave him a few minutes to show a bigger target but couldn't wait any longer. The wind seemed to be the same as it was the last shot so 1 click left and boooom! My spotter gave me the ataboy. I could still see him laying on the mound behind were he was when I tough it off. 30 minutes later the crows were fightin the turkey buzzard.
We shot I few more from that spot. A 938yrd 1 shoter. A few 6 1/2's and a 727. Move to another farm and shot 12 more between 450 and 710. I even had a 562 do a flip about 2' high. That's the first I had at that kind of range.
It was an awsome day, weather and all.

Hey Boyd how was Williamsport.
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