700 SPS Receiver


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May 20, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
I would like to purchase a 700 SPS Stainless Receiver. Does anyone know if I can purchase this directly through remington or my FFL Dealer or do I have to buy a complete 700 SPS rifle?

what does, "bump" mean?

it means he did not have the answer to your question but was interested in the answer. By replying "bump" it means your question was moved (bumped) to the top of the list. The thread at the top of the list is more likely to be read. So, by virtue of my reply, your threat will move to the top of the list. I'm also interested to know the answer to your question too.
Like the others, I cannot answer your question authoritatively, but I think I can circumstantially.

I am having a rifle built by a forum gunsmith. When I first contacted him, he said I had three options for an action: custom, a 700 I already owned, or he could buy a complete rifle, disassemble it, and use that action.

So... that leads me to believe that even he could not buy an action without the other parts attached to it. However, if you want LA, here's one a few threads from yours.

You could always try gunbroker.com Can't promise what is for sale this week but like the man said ' the view is constantly changing'. I search on the brand of rifle I want. Then search low price first. Actions are around #300 to $400.
Most rifles are more $$.

Good Shooting

When you buy a action you don't get the trigger.mag box,bullet follower, spring and
floor metal, so you have to buy these seperate and it is cheeper to buy a complete
rifle that will cost less (Like the SPS).

After the smith breaks it down you can sell the New barrel and stock and recover some
of the price of the rifle making the complete action almost as cheep as the action only
and you start with a New action.

The chrome Molly actions cost $400.oo bare and a new SPS can be bought for under
$400.oo complete and what ever you get for the stock and the barrel will reduce
the price buy that amount.

Cheep-est== Complete SPS or a used rifle.
next cheep-est== action only.
Most expensive == custom action.(Needs all of the other parts but may save money
of truing by the smith.

Midway USA was selling 700 actions for a while.

They were over $400 when I was looking last year. They came with the non-X Mark pro trigger.

SPS action is same as other 700 actions.
Yep, that' what I did, local Dick's had them on sales 399.99 and Remington had 40 bucks rebate, but when I tried it I decide to keep it with a good load it keeps SUB 0.3 MOA, but I will do something with it when barrel expires its life... :rolleyes:
If you want a SS SPS receiver I think you are going to have to go the "Buy the action and sell the rest of the rifle" path. The SS is more than the CM rifle, as I am sure you are aware. I too have been looking for a long time for a SS SPS in a WSM boltface on Gunbroker(saved search, email notification). All of the guns have been new and not cheap.

I think I am going to have to decide if I am going to build and keep or build and sell. That will decide which route to go (Surgeon vs SPS).

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