7 SAUM Velocity test w/ Magneto V2

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    Mar 18, 2012
    some time ago I read a post where a certain person said they were getting 2900fps from their 7 SAUM w/26" barrel and 180 Bergers pushed by 58 gr H4831. I did not believe this could be true as Bergers loading manual said w/ a 24" barrel we should only get 2775fps with the same load.
    Today I finally got a Magneto Speed chrony and tested my 7 SAUM, I have a 25" barrel and thought maybe 2800fps. Now one clue I had that I was getting more is I bought a turret for a Mark 4 scope that was marked as 7 Rem Mag, 168 Bergers at 2890fps at an elevation of somewhere much higher than where I live. When I test shot it at 300 yds it matched the turret at 100,200,300 yds and not as my phone ap suggested at 2750fps.
    I strapped on the Speedo (sorry no pics:) and shot it. Wow was I wrong I'm getting 2920fps w/ 58 gr H-4831 and the 180 Berger.
    As a side note my load for my 260 Rem shooting 41 gr H4350 and the 130 Berger was much less than I expected at 2668fps. I shot again and got the exact same speed.
    I can't test much as I live on the East coast and we're in for a lot of rain for awhile.
    As far as the Magneto Speed V-2 it works pretty good so far
    As I wrote this I got to thinking about my 300 Win Mag, so I tested it too, 28" barrel 75.5gr Retumbo pushing a 210 Berger 2908fps about what I was expecting. Now except for the 260 it was only one cold bore shot so more testing will be done