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  1. J E Custom

    J E Custom Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2004
    Just finished my new hunting rifel a 7MM WSM
    Using a Remington 40X single shot action and a douglas XX stainless Blank.

    The first group fired was .347 with Winchester Supreme 140 gr Ballistic Silver Tips.

    This was for break in and now I am ready to start reloading.

    Any tips on Bullets,Powder,Primer&Brass
    for this Cartridge would be great.

  2. Aussie

    Aussie Well-Known Member

    Apr 29, 2004
    JECustom ,
    WXR seems to be one of the better powders albeit temperature sensitive . RL 22 is very similar . Start at about 66gns with 140gn pills and work up .
    I've read about some sensational velocities with H414 and IMR 7828 but think the loads must be much hotter than I like . Believe the factory loads use Magpro .
    The 140gn Nosler shoots quite well out of my rifle and performs well on medium game .The CT 140 Ballistic Silvertip is basically the same projectile with a coating I think .
    I didn't buy any "supreme" factory loads because I've heard that the nickel flakes off the cases after a few loads and is hard on your dies .
    139gn Hornady SST's shoot 2 inch groups out of my Winchester model 70 featherweight . It's no varmint gun but I'm not impressed .
    Would be interested to hear whether you find it necessary to full length size after every shot . It seems that many have trouble (myself included)rechambering WSM rounds that are neck sized (with a proper NS die) unless the loads are very mild.
    WLRM Magnum primers seem a little more consistent in my rifle although apparently Winchester don't think they're necessary with WXR in the WSM calibres .

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  3. 308 nate

    308 nate Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2004
    HI J E Custom,
    162gr.Hornady Amax into the lands
    Federal 215 gold medal
    this load hit the sweet spot in my rifle.
    out of 7 shots average velocity 3155 fps.out of a 1-9, 30" Krieger.
    ES 16.3 fps. 700yd 3 shot group 1.550 inches
    4-shot group after moving point of aim 2.250
    I have also used Ramshot magnum and pushed the 162 to 3290 fps. with 73 gr. but 700yd. 5-shot group measured 5 inches.So I decided to stick with Retumbo. hope this info is helpful,
    308nate [​IMG]
  4. johnny k.

    johnny k. Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2004
    J E,
    Just about to start working up loads for a Browning A-bolt in 7WSM. It belongs to a friend of mine who plans to use it this Sept. for Mulies in Canada. He's only shot it about 5 times using Federal 160gr Nos Part factory fodder and is not impressed with it. I also shot it, man does that thing hurt! I'm just not in to the pencil thin barrels and light rifles.
    I just got (yesterday) reloading dies and 140gr Barnes TSX's in from Midway and was gonna try RL22 and Rem 9.5M's. I'm hoping to improve on the 100yd 2-3" 3-shot groups.
    Will post back here as soon as I try it out. Johnny K.
  5. J E Custom

    J E Custom Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2004
    Thanks for the help
    I now have a good starting point.

    PS Jonny K ,My rifel weighs 10 1/2 lbs
    so recoil is very mild .

    Also thanks 308 Nate and Aussie.