7 mm rem v 7 mm weatherby

"better" is a relative term. if you are going for pure performance out of two custom guns, and not caring about brass, factory ammo, ect then the wby wins.

when you consider everything else, like others have said, even in a custom gun i think the rem mag is the better choice. especially if you get a custom from someone like Rbros. I know his chamber is getting the 180s going around 2900-3000. thats pretty good. I like the idea of being able to get factory ammo if i should need it, and the rem mag has more available.

the one thing most haven't mentioned is that most of the wby mags come in slower twist barrels (at least the ones from wby) than what factory guys are coming with in the rem mag. thats one of the reasons i got rid of mine. it shot 140s to 160s great, but the 1:11 twist (i think the newer ones are a 1:10) wasnt going to get the 180s going. I have a 1:9 rem mag now.
evening, i have 2 7mm wbee's. the brass can b bought at a very reason price

off of gunbroker. 7mm remy mag. is beginning to get scare because of the

popularity of the round. i like my wbee's because no one else has the calibers.

thru my reading and technical readings the 7wbee's case will stretch less

than the 7mm remy. once fired brass buts up against the bolt face and the

case shoulder buts up against the front of the chamber, very little stretch.

yes the wbee is faster than the remy thru the production

brass and the handloaders. if remy still made the 700 classic in 7mmwbee

the round would have been more popular. remy from my readings, did

produce special runs of wbee calibers. as of this reading remy had no

problem with sales. i have 257, 7mm and 340 wbees. i have yet to find

one that thru experimenting the with loads would not shoot.

there r all kinds of wildcats being built from the .416 caliber. roy wbee

was the first with the production of wildcat calibers. Mr. tubbs if u

have read his books on handloading was also a pioneer in the field

of wildcat rounds. 2 of my wbees r made in germany, 1 assembled

in japan parts made in calif. and 1 assembled from my buying of parts and

having my smith assemble the parts. the mystic of wbee rounds will always b

with the shooting gallery as said the brass at one time was expensive.

i have found ways to buy real wbee case very reasonable.

thank u for ur ear.

just country NRA TSRA life member. i forgot to mention the 338 Texan

is built on a wbee action. very strange??!!lightbulb
morning, thats like saying the 300 win. mag is lesser than the 300 wbee. both

r fantastic rounds. is the brass the only draw back. 7mm STW is very scarce.

buy the 8mm now the 8mm is getting scarce. u can take the 7mm mag, blow

out the shoulder to an AI and callled the i think the mashburn?? gentlemen.

the adventure will never end. to say the 7mm remy is better than the 7mm

wbee is ludirucios(sp). the brass is not that expensive or hard to find. remy

is hard to find. if did not have the wbee's i would but a remy action and put a

wbee barrel. the 10 twist comes standard in the wbees, i personally like the

9 twist. lightbulb
just country NRA-TSRA life member. the 300 wbee was the long range king for a long time.

the brass was more scarce and expensive back in the day of the 300wbee.
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