7.62 Norma Mag


Mar 3, 2002
Chicago area
I recently purchased a old custom 7.62
Norma Mag. built on a 03' action with
a 26" hvy barrel . The only factory ammo
I have is marked 180gr. at 3000fps! I
should be able to do some long range
coyote hunting with this rig. Can anyone
help identify these Green ballistic tips?
I think there Noslers but I'm not sure.
Anybody shot this cal?web page Infopop Homepage

Yes, I shot the 308 Norma mag for several years at Williamsport 1000 yard matches.
I was thinking of having another rifled chambered for it.

It is a very effecient and accurate cartridge especially with 200 to 220 gr bullets and there's fine brass available for it.

The Green tips are the Nosler 180 gr bullets.
At least mine are green too.

Good luck

I like Darryl shot the 308 Norma years ago, but I always used a 12" twist and 190 and 200 gr Sierra MKs, which shot good. I never used the popular 210 JLKs and Bergers because they weren't out yet, I would think they would stabilize, but if you have a 10" twist you won't have any problems with bullets up to 220 Sierra MK.
Posted by Tom Pridgen, handle-Taz

Hello to all,
I'm new to long range shooting and to this website. Been a member of this website about 2 months and have not posted anything before now. I have been thinking about building a 1000 yard rifle for the past 6 months and have decided to go ahead. Have thought about the 308 Norma and today I saw a post by Mr. Cassel that he has shot the 308 Norma at 1000 yard shoots. Was wondering if he could reply about this case or any other case he would recommend.
Hello Taz and welcome aboard

The 308 Norma is a fine, efficient case and very good brass is available for it.

Any of the 30 cal mags are popular at Williamsport. The 300 Weatherby, 30 Goodling, 308 Baer, 30 IMP Piccarreta and the list just goes on and on.

As far as one being better then the other, it's a toss up as most all of them will use the SAME accuracy load with the same powder and bullets.

The 308 Norma I had was called the 308 Norma long neck. It was chambered for the 300 Win Mag length which gave a much nicer case neck plus all I had to do to form brass was to run the 300 Win mag brass in the 308 Norma LN die and push the shoulder back a bit.

The 308 Norma was very popular at Williamsport for quite sometime and some are still using it today. H4831 powder and 220gr bullets mine liked.

Good luck to you

Darryl Cassel
Mr. Cassel,
It's Taz again. Was wondering what kind of velocity could I expect out of a 30 inch barrel using 210 grain jlk's? I'm guessing around 3000. What could I expect for barrel life?

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