6x62 freres?


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Jul 15, 2008
North west
Have any of you guys ever had experience with the 6x62 freres?

I am looking at getting a stock tikka chambered up in it here real soon and will factory brass to run it. From what I have seen is that it is similar to the 6x284, 6-06, 240 weatherby.
I am 1st planning to run this round to find velocities out of it on different weight bullets as well as to test brass. If everything goes well, brass runs with good life and velocity is worth while, we will start bringing in more of the brass to have on hand.
I want this rifle to be capable of coyote up to deer and wolf sized animals. I am thinking about bullets in the 75 to 90 grain area at 3400 plus that's just a guess and it may be on the slow side.

Any experience, please let me know.