SOLD/EXPIRED 6mm slr fs/ft surgeon, manner t5a


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Aug 2, 2006
Surgeon 591 6mm slr ( super long range) sub quarter moa if you do your part.
29" light palmafluted 7.5 twist threaded 5/8-24 100 rds fired
Rad rapid break
Manners t5a in midnight camo pillerand skim bedded
Surgeon bottom metal with one mag
Jewell trigger at 1lb
Redding full length die and Wilson seater die 50 rds brass

I bought this a couple months ago. Shoots awesome. Only reason I'm selling /trading is I have no rifle bigger then a 6mm and want something bigger. Would like a 338 lapua/ edge. But throw any offer my way. Asking $3500 It has a g7nightforce 5.5-22x50 npr1 on it right now. I would do a package deal for $5100 shipped to ffl.
I have pics but photo bucket isn't working for me. So I can email / text pics or if someone could post for me.