6mm Creedmore proof barrel on CTR action


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Oct 23, 2003
Brand new, never fired 6mm Creedmore with 24 inch proof heavy barrel not the light one, with CTR bottom metal and trigger, Mcmillan A5 stock with hell fire brake. This think is a work of art and should shoot like it also. The stock is black and grey and the metal is coated to match. Functions flawlessly and I have the factory stock and 6.5 barrel to go with it if needed. I have only tested the function and have not shot it. Gun weighs 10.6 pounds with out the scope. I am into the gun for $4200 but would take $3700 if some needs it. I do not need to sell it but it just sits in the safe as do most of my rifles now days. The action on this gun is smoother than any action I have used so I am very pleased with the set up. It is a 7.5 twist for the heavy bullets.

Buyer will have to pay shipping and it will need to be sent to your FFL.
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