6mm ARC reloads and Sierra GK 100 gr and seating depth


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Aug 24, 2009
I'm hoping for some QuickLoad reassurance on a reloading situation I'm in. I successfully sized down some starline 7.62x39 brass to 6mm ARC and things went great with the first batch of 20 - I used a full on book load. My 2nd batch of 20, I used 100gr sierra gamekings and a reduced load of 22.5gr H4895. But I have to seat that bullet quite a bit deeper than I expected to get it to chamber. I ended up with 2.095" OAL which seems a bit short for this cartridge. I think I will be fine since it's a reduced load of H4895, which is a powder that does work with reduced loads, but I'm hoping someone with QuickLoad might run the load and let me know what it thinks. I sure appreciate it!

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