650 yds?


Oct 3, 2002
Villa Rica ,Ga

I was hunting about 2 years ago in Southern Ga. on the powerlines and me and few other friends and cousins were parked relaxing and drinking some water after along day of hunting and not seeing anything.When one of my buddies spots something moving in the distance.I look through the binoculars and it's a fat doe.So I told one of them to range it and the range findr said 648 yds. so I said hmm.I thought I could try to sneak down there to get a good shot maybe under 200 yds. but I didn't have time and or cover and I was afraid I'd spook it so my cousin says hey Kyle you have the .338 Win mag with you right?I said yeah and he says well use it.Me being the sensible one said no then I thought I have been practicing long-range shooting milk jugs @400 yds. so I sid I'll give it a shot.So I took the .338 laid it in the gun rack on the 4-wheeler and I put my crosshairs atop her back how much I don't know.Then I slowly touched the trigger and I said well I missed thinking that's what I would probably do(I'm no expert)then I looked through the scope again and I saw her drop(There really wasn't that much time between me putting down the rifle and looking back through the scope maybe 5 seconds) then I saw she had dropped in her tracks then my jaw dropped!
I thought God I musta scared it to death!!Then we rode down there to her which seemed like forever and there was a perfect shot in the shoulder hit all vitals and killed in it's tracks.That 250 grn Sierra SPBT done it's job.I tihkn it was a lucky shot but I'm proud of it!
I'm a fan of the .338WinMag too. Mine is an A-Bolt. Eventually I'm going to build a heavy .338WinMag wityh a 28" barrel.

Just to show the long range potential of a .338 WinMag compared to the popular a .308Win, here are some 1000 yard comparison numbers (100 yard zero):

.308 175 gr SMK at 2700 fps
.338 250 gr GK at 2700 fps
.338 300 gr SMK at 2500 fps

.308/175gr/2700: -377"
.338/250gr/2700: -353"
.338/300gr/2500: -353"

.308/175gr/2700: 1248fps
.338/250gr/2700: 1338fps
.338/300gr/2500: 1500fps

.308/175gr/2700: 605 ft lbs
.338/250gr/2700: 995 ft lbs
.338/300gr/2500: 1500 ft lbs

My brother has a mod 77 .338 too. I worked up some 250 Gr Barnes X loads for it that work great. Devastating on elk.

A good friend of mine used one this past weekend while deer hunting. Killed a mulie buck at 420 yards and killed a coyote at 360. He was very pleased with it.
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