600 yd Ibex


Dec 7, 2001
Silver City, NM
A Bezoar Ibex Persian Ibex that I took in Southern New Mexico with a 25-06 at slightly over 600 yds. I was using a rangefinder, can't remember exactly what it read now. I think 612 or 614, something like that. A nice one shot kill!

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That's nice and a great shot too, is the Ibex native to New Mexico, I kinda live a sheltered life up here. My wife loved it too, she used to live in New Mexico but had never seen one before.

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The Bezoar Ibex or more commonly known by the locals as Persian Ibex that we have free ranging in New Mexico originated in Iran. Iran isn't the sole location of the world population of this species, by any means. They inhabit rougher terrain in Turkey, Packastan, Afganistan, Iraq, Iran, and parts of the former USSR. The population in New Mexico started as a small group that was a gift from the Prince of Iran many years ago. After placing them under survelance at the Red Rock Facility in SW New Mex., and after several generations of offspring adapted to our climate, the NM Game & Fish Dept. started releases into the Florida Mountains in Southern New Mexico. Populations in this mountain range exploded and we had some awsome hunting for several years. Overhunting declined numbers to a small group and since then only a handfull of tags have been given out. The population is once again stable, but licenses are still quite limited.
This is one of the most demanding hunts that can be made anywhere. These magnificent animals inhabit vertical cliffs that drop 3,000 ft to the desert floor. The entire mountain range is vertical, which makes the area extremely difficult to navigate. Shots are normally made across deep canyons from one set of cliffs to another. It makes for some fantastic "long range" shooting!
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