600 yard scope

Pete Lincoln

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Mar 17, 2004
Holding over using a reticle is a way of achieveing a quick hit on a target with limited exposure time, it is fairly easy to use on a man sized target because if you hit anywhere central between the forehead and the testicles you will incapacitate the target, it is however a diferent matter when it comes to game animals, here we need to place a well aimed shot within the " boiler room" which is at best about a 10" circle on our largest deer. We can still use reference points in a reticle, we need to check out what distance our reference points, be they mildot or otherwise corespond to with regards to our trajectory.
Far superior is however using agdustable scope turrets, once practiced this becomes very quick to employ and mildots aren't complicated if you take a half hour to practive the thoery. If you Yanks would simply work in miliradians and stick to miliradians it is all 1's and 10's,, easy easy.. it is only complicated when you range in meters and then insist on converting back to MOA or divisions of inches.
The Horus reticle is a varmint hunters gimmick, it has no place in a tactical rifle scope or i would suggest neither in a big game scope, prone to confusion with multiple reference points,, not good for fast action.
get your self a scope with mil dots and target turrets, get a mildot master and learn how to use it, you will never look back.
trust me.. Pete
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