60 grain nosler partition stabilization



I am having trouble stabilizing a 60gr bullet in the 1/14 twist. I found a gun with 1/12 twist. Will this stabilize the 60 gr bullet? The gunsmith says "shillen says this will stabilize a bullet to 63gr". Thanks for the input. I would like a 1/10 but am under time constraints as my daughters hunting season is approaching and can,t find one. Thanks john
Well, JB, first we have to get down to basics, which is I need a little more pertinent info: caliber would be a good place to start...

I haven't got a list of bullets in front of me, but obviously we're either talking a .257 bore, or a .243", and I'm guessing a .257? Here's what I can suggest. If the bullets won't stabilize, check the crown of the firearm. If it's damaged, you have some some insight to the problem. If it's not damaged, it's possible the velocity is too low; if I new the caliber, I could tell you. For a 6mm--it's actually normal if you were shooting bench bullets of up to 68 grains. For a quarter-bore, you shouldn't have any trouble. So, my first guess is it's something with the barrel; crown, misalignment, bad harmonics [although it normally won't cause keyholing unless it's severe.] I think we need a little more info, then someone can likely help you a great deal.

Actually it's a 22-250. Every one tells me I need a custom gun to get a faster twist to stabilize the bullet. If I'm going to get a custom gun, I want to make sure it's going to work. One smith tells me 1/12 is ok another nothing greater than 1/10. ??? Thanks

If I was you I would not worry about stabilizing a 60gr. as you will not gain anything by shooting that bullet over a 55gr. Expecially using the nosler partition which has a BC of .228. If you want to shoot the heavier bullets look to 70 plus grainers and with a 1:8 twist. The BC of most 60 gr. bullets doesn't compensate for the lack of initial velocity until the range is too far for a 22-250 anyway. I have had good luck shooting 55gr. Sierra BTSP on deer with impact velocities as low as 2300 fps, which out of a 22-250 would put you out 400-500 yards.

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I sometimes hunt deer with a 22-250AI and I use the Speer 70 grain bullet. My barrel is a 1-9 twist Shilen SS select match. Works very well. I mainly shoot the 75 grain amax at clay birds at 500 yards or coyotes at whatever range I can find them.

Hello, John

Yes, after re-reading your post, it occurred to me you probably meant a .22 cal. .22-250, huh? Yeah, you're screwed with the 1-14 at the weight range you're looking to use. I had a Savage 1-14 in .22-250, and occasionally it refused to settle a 55gr V-max!! A 1-10 would be ideal if you kept the weight to mid-sixties and below and kept the velocity up, but to be on the safe side, you may find a 1-9" or 1-9.5" be useful. You could always take the other gentleman's advice and get a 1-8" twist as well, although barrel life will suffer some, and you'll be better off shooting the heavy stuff. Depends on application, really. Check out what Dan Lilja has to say about barrel twist rates--I think you'd find it most informative [in more ways than one.] Just look his name up on Yahoo--he has his own website. Regards


PS I know what you mean about wanting to do it "right"; I'm in the process of building a rather weird little creation, myself!
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