6 XC Custom (By Bob Green)


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Feb 23, 2012
Scottsdale, AZ
Up for sale a custom build I had done couple years ago by Bob Green. As is well known, Bob is one of the best smiths today and this is another example of great craftsmanship. The rifle includes the following ingredients:
* Shilen DGR with heavy recoil lug and 20 MOA Picatinny rail
* X Caliber 26" 5 groove 7 twist fluted barrel
* Greybull Precision Stock
* Jewell trigger (adjusted to 24oz)
* HS Precision bottom metal with Gen. I magazine
* 3 port brake with threaded cap
* Glass bedded stock
This rifle was designed to shoot 115 VLD's and 115 DTAC's as well as 105's and shoot all of them extremely well as you'd expect from a build by Bob Green. Less than 300 rounds down the tube and a fine example of a 6 XC. For sale shipped to your FFL CONUS $ 2,400. Does not include scope, rings or bipod. This is far less than the parts would cost to put this together if you're thinking about a new 6 XC rifle this is it. Posted on other sites as well. thanks for looking, Rick
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