SOLD/EXPIRED 6 Dasher ***SPF***


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Mar 18, 2012
Wolfesville, MD
I have for sale is a Kelbly Atlas action 6 Dasher. It's a Spencer barrel that I competed with and and has shot aggs at 2.7" @ 600 yds. It is a single shot and is mounted in a HS Precision 3" wide stock. When sighted in at 200 yds it shot under 1/2" group. Rifle weighs in at 12.5 lbs or so.
If you don't know about this action, most any Kelbly panda barrel will head space without a gunsmith. It has a fluted bolt, and a Jewell 2 oz trigger.
Kelbly rings are not included unless you buy the entire package
Price is $1500 plus 50 shipping conus, scope not included unless you add $850.00. it is a Leupold 40x45 Competition scope
The barrel is a 1-8 twist and about 25" long
I will include dies and >100 pieces of brass for an additional $100.00
The dies are custom bushing style, and the brass is Lapau and has been shot

The action is pillar bedded into the stock so it can be removed
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Bump for a great guy I have dealt with him in the past.
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I can add a used 6PPC barrel to this for free that will make an accurate ground hog rifle and some brass but no dies