6 CM sizing with a 6.5 CM die?


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Aug 21, 2011
Lynchburg, TN
I've been reloading 6.5 CM shells with Redding bushing neck dies. I recently bought a 6 CM. Instead of buying a set of dies for the 6 CM, I just bought a .270 bushing and put it in the 6.5 CM neck sizing die. I haven't used it yet, but I intend to use the 6.5 CM body die to set the shoulder back, when needed. Has anyone else done this or do you see a problem with it that I haven't thought of?
I HAVE 2 RIFLES IN 6 cm AND A 6.5 cm. WISH I HAD A THOUGHT AHEAD AND DID WHAT YOU DID! I was shooting Hornady Black with their 105HPBT and it shot extremely well so I did not think about reloading it til recently. Same with the 6.5 and now I just ordered a set of dies for it. Twice the price! Duh!
As for loading the 6 CM, I stayed away from H4350 for 2 reasons: hard to get and hot gasses. I tried several powders and started low. All shot very, very good. Settled on RL 19 and the 108 ELDs. Running aprox. 3100fps, no pressure signs and danged good accuracy! Stayed at the starting loads. Not sure why you have maxed out, but I wonder if the neck brass is too thick and causing the pressures. I did try to neck down a couple 6.5s myself just for S&Gs, but without turning necks, they would not go in my chambers.
I thought so, but I figured I'd check since the rifle is maxing out pressure and velocity at starting load of 38 grains of H4350. Berger 105 Hybrid shooting 3107 fps.
I'm burning > 40gr h4350 in my 6 CM and 108 eldm. havent run it over a chrono yet. 38gr just seems light by a hair
Fire form, bump shoulder back, neck size. Just be aware of carbon rings building up in the throat. I recently found out that if cases aren't trimmed back far enough that will effect bumping your shoulders back appropriately.