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    Jun 30, 2010
    Hello all, I have been thinking about a 6.8 spc in a bolt gun namely a 700 remington with a varmint weight barrel. before I dive in head 1st I am looking for opinions.

    currently I shoot informally but weekly with a group of guys that we shoot 300-400 and 500 yards at midi's mini's and eggs and its lots of fun we all shoot for the most part 223's which makes it somewhat difficult with slow twist barrels, I for one shoot 50gr b-tips and hit about 40% of the time at 500 300 is a chip shot and 400 is not too difficult either. some of the guys shoot the savages with the 1:9 twists and they do better than me however I am looking at the 6.8 because no one else has one, not alot of powder in the case so it would be almost as economical as the 223 and I think the .277 bullet would fly a little better at longer distance thenn the current 50gr B-Tip that I use.

    what I am wondering is:
    1. How well would a 6.8 be at 500?
    2. does anyone use this caliber?
    3. Is the 6.8 a inheritant accurate round?
    4. what are the opinions out there?

    sorry to be long winded just had a idea.
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    Aug 28, 2009
    Decent. It's still supersonic out there.
    Yes, but it's in a 16" AR with a 1x Aimpoint. Not really built for long range. :rolleyes:
    As inherently accurate at any round can be.
    I love my 6.8 AR. However, 6.8 was developed with one major limitation: Fit in a 5.56 AR-15/M-4 magazine. That limits the OAL, which limits bullet length/weight and/or powder capacity, which limits BC. All that to say you're limited to max ~115gr .277 bullets without great BCs. There's no brick wall or anything that'll stop the bullet at X yards, but I think there are better options out there if you are not limiting yourself to AR magwell length. If you want one, by all means, go for it. But don't choose it because it's the best choice in a Rem 700.
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