6.8 SPC, brass, dies, mags, bullets


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Nov 12, 2012
My plans changed awhile back and I had these listed and sold as of March 26th . Guy was supposed to send a money order and I have never received one and he’s not been active since March 28th. It’s been over a month with no msgs returned or contact. I told him in my last msg April 4th that I would hold on to them if he needed some time but still no reply. I’m glad I didn’t just take his word and send them before I received payment. So I’m listing again. Took the picture last night but got busy and forgot to post.

100 New Remington brass
New rcbs FL dies
2- 15 round mags
65 - 90gr Sierra HP

$190 shipped to lower 48
PayPal Friends and family or buyer adds 3.5% only. If you have plenty of good feedback then usps money order or personal check will work ( holding items until check clears my bank)


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