6.8 SPC 110v-max and bthp powders

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    Jul 22, 2013
    As is always the case nowadays, I am looking for some decent powders to shoot the 110 in 6.8SPC. It will be out of a Bison Armory 18" AR barrel, 1-11" rifling. On a Stag upper. I recently found a back door into Sportsman Armory this past summer, that allowed me to put 500 SSA virgin brass on back order at 45 bucks a 100. I had forgotten about this, but just received an email asking if I wanted to extend this back order, same price was invoiced. I am not entirely sure I will even receive these, but I plan on just clicking that extend button every time I'm sent it. This was the first time I've received it.

    That being said, I was loading H322 when I last loaded for this round, which has been a few years. I only could find one pound left, I am assuming my other few pounds were liberated by my father over the course of a few years. I just decided on 322 because it worked well first try and was very repeatable. Obviously now I can't find any. Suggestions? I think Rx10 will work, and I picked up a pound of that awhile back, and I have some rl19, I heard it was supposed to be good for 6.5's, so I think I have three pounds just sitting in the closet.

    Any suggestions? I don't really want to use up some of my Varget or Rx15, so what else should I be looking towards? Thanks.

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    Jun 12, 2012
    IMR 8208 XBR

    cheaper than varget (usually by about 5$ around here)
    Temp stable
    Good velocity in short barrels 16-18"
    extremely low velocity standard devation and extreme spread in my 16". Helps that it gives you full case capacity without going over maximum pressure. My loads were slightly compressed at 29.5g. 30 is listed as the max, but this powder is notoriously run over the max without pressure signs.