6.8 Remington SPC

I just read an artical about it in RifleShooter magazine , the loads they have listed are getting 2800fps with a 115gr bullet. It is supposed to be able to be fitted to the M-16 with minimal work to the bolt and gas system and still feed from the mags
They barrled a CZ-527 for it and Hornady loaded some ammo for a deer and Elk hunt ,
Hornady's Wayne Holt said that "the 110gr V-max should do as much damage as an arrow"
I coulden't believe he said that !!
i never did like the idea of shooting a 22cal. while the "enemy"is probably shooting a 30cal. even if it is a weapon of lesser accuracy[or a lesser trained shooter].its nice to see the m-14 seeing action again,but its a shame that it took putting our guys in harms way to realize[in many conflicts]that the.223/m16's just didnt deliver what is needed to get the job done.this new round sounds promising,but am i missing something here?they are developing a new round to use in the same type of weapon system that has proven itself problematic in the many different locations it has been used in?..................dave
Yea thay are considering the conversion on the M-16 , this round is said to be easly adapted to the m-16 chasis.
I'm guessing that they are looking at the cost , as it'll be alot easier to jst rework the gas system and bolt carrier than to totaly re-arm the military.

The M-16 got a bad rap in the begining of the Vietman conflict due to it being rushed into service and the government cutting corners to do so , the newer models that are all crome plated on the inside don't have nearly the malfunctions as the older weapons
this and being combined with better powder and a lower cycled rate makes this one of the best shooting platforms for a military weapon.
The main problem with the gun is the round the 5.56 round is a great little bullet and would work great if the proper bullets were used , the full metal jacket ball rounds that are used don't work to well on an un armered body , they just zip right through not dumping any energy , the same goes for the 7.62 NATO round , nbow if you were to load the 5.56 with a "Match" (for accuracy sake of course) you would see alot better terminal performance on live targets due to the violent expansion , hence making for faster kills.
I don't personaly think that this new round is going to work any better if the same ball rounds are loaded.
redrum-have you shot match bullets at living tissue?you are right they dont expand-they make things look like a bomb went off
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djd , that was the point I was trying to make I don't know why the military can't use differant bullets instead of the FMJ greenies that they do , I mean they use a MatchKing bullet for snipers from what I understand , but this is just because its an "accurate" bullet not for the terminal effect.
I guess they look at it as if your going to be shooting against a "hard" target the majority of the time.

luckly in police work we get to use a 55gr
V-max in our AR's
I was wondering why they didn't just use the 260 REM. It would use the same feeding mechanism as the 308 because it is the same case, just giving a larger bullet than the 223. I guess that they just had a couple million $ burning a hole in their pockets for development work.
The 260Rem is a bigger case both longer and alot fatter than the 223(5.56) which the M-16 is built around , it would cost more to make that large of a case work than it would to replace the weapon , their are a few companies that make an AR type rifle based on the larger 308 case , their a good bit larger and heavier.

Personaly I don't see why the Government is considering going with a whole new case , the 223 case is a good base for several larger more powerfull wildcats like the 6mmTCU and 7mmTCU , they could simply neck the 223 up to 6.5mm change the shoulder angle from 23deg to say 30 or 35 , the body taper on the TCU's are already improved but not so far as to lend itself to feeding or extraction problems. Just a few minor chanes to the case and they could call it what ever they want , it sould still feed from the standard mags has the same bolt face would have a good deal more energy and range. loaded with a 107gr MatchKing launched at a velocity of about 2600fps. This round should be infact more effecient than the 223 being that it is not overbored as bad as the 223 is so it would maintain a good velocity even in the shorter 14.5" M-4 guns.

This whole problem in fact would be mostly solved by simply using a better bullet than the crap that the government loads in the 5.56 now.
The United States can't continue to play by the rules that nobody else that we have to go to war with is palying by. If a bullet can be used because it is more accurate then it should be used , if it happens to expand after it hits it target then that is the price they pay for us having to shoot at them
I was referring to the fact that DPMS, Armalite and Stoner (Knight) have already been there and done that in changing over the M16 to shoot a 308. Not a big deal as I understand it. I remember that one of Stoners claims about the SR25 was that over half of the parts were interchangable with the M16.
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