6.5x300 wby bullet?


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Jul 15, 2007
I ran into 7 boxes of the 140 hunting type ammo that weatherby loads on a close out for 30.00 a box. They were shooting a little under moa at 300 yards. I pulled 3 of the open end hunting bullets and put in 130 grain vld target. I went out and shot a group that was just over 1 inch at 300. I really thought it was a lucky group. I had only shot the gun about 10 times and not finished braking it in. Went back and pulled the rest of the box and loaded the 130s. Went back out and shot 3 more groups and 2 were under 1 inch and 1 1/4. The gun is a Vanguard Accumark with the number 3 barrel not the number 2. Weatherby said they are not making it anymore. I might add i shot 1 group at the same time at 1000 it was 4 inch group with less than 1 inch in elevation on the 3 shots. I've put the rifle in the safe to use on coyotes. On a 80 degree day it only takes 4 mils to be on at 1000. Hope this might help you out. I wish I had got the 6.5 bee along time ago. I'm a 264 win mag guy and now a 6.5 bee guy for sure.


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