Oct 27, 2003
What are your thoughts about using a 6.5X284 for whitetail deer and antelope? What bullets and weights would you use if you would use this caliber?

Thanks, Lonnie
What are your thoughts about using a 6.5X284 for whitetail deer and antelope? What bullets and weights would you use if you would use this caliber?

Thanks, Lonnie
anything from 100 grain up its your choice all of them will kill a deer
100 grain is what i use in my 264 mag to deer hunt with
I just got an issue of Shooting Times Magazine. Savage is going to start to produce a 6.5x284 as hunting caliber in a hunting rifle configuration. The author of the segment said that he thinks that the 6.5x284 is a good all around rifle for deer sized game or smaller. He suggested using something in the 120-130 grain range for best results. I wouldn't know because I don't own the caliber, but it is one that I have been following for a year or so. I may own one some day.

Last year I shot a whitetail doe thouhgh the lungs at around 165 yards with 140 Berger Vld in a 6.5x284. Deer ran about 40 yards with a good blood trail. I believe it would work well in open country out to around 600 yards.
My son shot his first red deer hind last year with this caliber at 260 yards. Berger 140 VLD. Factory rifle:R93. The deer rear up at the shot and then tumbled down hill side. Plenty of blood trail and it was a heart shot. He shot a goat too at 300 yards with the same ammo, it just drop on the spot. I have since got a heavy barrel for hunting and built 2 target rifles (F Class) in that caliber. We love this caliber!
The 6.5x284 is awesome for deer. I've only killed a few with it but I think it is a great caliber for deer and antelope sized game.
i have shot a lot of 6.5-284 ammo in matches. for antelope and whitetail one of the first choices would be the 120 bal tip.
I like the 6.5x284 for Deer. I've shot them out to almost 300 yards and have had them drop in their tracks more often than not. I use my hand loads of 140 gr. Hornady SST Bullets at around 2800 fps.
Last year i shot a large doe through both lungs at 265 yards and it dropped so quickly i thought i missed it. The 4 other deer standing next to it never moved and i had to count them to see if there were 1 less standing.
The Hornady SST bullets are very hard hitting hunting bullets. At the velocities i load them to, they seem to stay in tact for the most part and make a massive wound channel. I also use them in my 7mm-08 Long Range T/C Encore Pistol with the exact same results out to 300yds .....So far.
I think you cant go wrong with the 6.5x284 for Varmints to Most any North American Big Game.
I use my Cooper 6.5x284 90% of the time when I am out for whitetail. I use a healthy dose of varget topped with a 120 gr barnes tsx. I have had excellent results out to 400 with mine. I have shot this rifle for the past 4 seasons and have never had one go more than about 30 yards with this combination. I have shot this rifle out to 877 religiously but where i hunt 400 yards about the extreme unless you are sitting in a bean field. I love the 6.5 for deer . Just a word to the wise the sciroccos are a little tough for the less than 200 pound animals we have around here. They pencil through. I lost two to these before i realized exactly what was going on. Probably good for larger animals but under 200 is a no no.
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