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Dec 26, 2001
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Mike Bryant is still working on my 6.5x284, 8 twist. While I'm waiting I've been getting everything else together. Dies, brass, tools etc.
I already have 142gr SMK's and 140gr A-Max's on hand but I was wondering if anyone has used the Lapua Scenars or Berger VLD's.
Are these bullets more uniform than the production bullets that I already have?


I measured a few for weight and they came out slightly better than the smk or amax i havent tried any bergers yet.the amax shot the best, at 800 yards the amax and lapua both repeated very well but the lapua had about a 5" flatter tajectory at that range.
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the berger 140, JLK 140 (B model) and the Clinch River 135 and 147 are much better bullets. Just got the 135 CR to test and I think that they will be as good if not better than the 147 CR. There is no comparison when you compare tolerances for weight and base to ogive. Plus as VLD bullets they are flatter and hold into the wind better.

i tried the 140amax,142smk,and the 139g.scenar in 6.5-284 and all bullets shot very well,the sierras vary too much for liking though.the scenars are very consistent for "mass" produced bullet as are the amax.havent tried any of the customs although i hear alot of good things-my-2-dave
Herm--mine were 140's--i guess we are guineas pigs.

140 amax are very similar WRT bearing surface in a lot, but vary between lots.

the sierras are the same, and if you get the 500 box you will get bullets from different dies. i had two bell curves centered at .589 BS and .601" BS -- over half of the box was .589 and about 1/4 was .601--the rest made two nice bells not far from the center.

Havent measured the 140 and 147 CR's yet.


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Just got a 6.5x284 and am working up loads. Those of you using 140Amax and 142SMK, where are you seating them for best accuracy? I know no rifle is the same, but looking for a starting point. Thanks in advance.

I jump my 142's between .020" down to .010" and they seem to do fine. I seat to .015" jump, and if I'm off a bit I know they're still "in the zone".

I'm new to the board. I found the sierra 142 with about 50.5gr of R-22 works pretty well shot a .277 5 shot group. Tried the 140 but not as good. Mine was put together by Bryant also and will be using it for PD this year.
I ASSUMED that most of you guys were seating the VLD's into the rifling. Was I wrong?
How about for the SMK and A-Max bullets?

Who sells Clinch River bullets? JLKs are often impossible to find for the 6.5.

Dang. I was going to suggest checking OK Weber for the 6.5mm JLK's, but even they are out.

BTW, whats this about CR 135gr VLD's? Is this a 'confirmed' rumor? No mention that I've seen yet on their website. Sounds like they'd work pretty well in a smaller capacity case like a 6.5-08


I havent played around to much with the seating depth on the smk and the amax, im seating no more than .005 of the lands the only day i shot paper i was getting constant 1/4" groups, one of them had the last three go in the mid .0's, for a load im using 47gr of imr4350 atop a cci br primer.

With this cartridge (or with specific powders for this cartridge)is there such a thing as a "favorite primer?

as far as primers go-whichever gives the best accuracy and best spreads on your velocities.
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