SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5X284 Pac-Nor Barrel


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Oct 4, 2006
Oregon City, OR
Hey guys I have an extra 6.5X284 Pac-Nor barrel that I do not need.

Staniless Super Match
28" finished
chambered 6.5X284 Needs to be throated to match what bullet you want to shoot.
1-9 twist
Sendero Contour with Extra long shank to allow for setback (4")
It is threaded for a Rem 700 action and standar recoil lug.

I had two chambered so I could have an extra, the other one has shot very well, but I am board with the 6.5X284 and want to try something else. So the spare is collecting dust. I had it short chambered so if the other one did not shoot the 140VLDS i could have the other throated for 130's or 123's. It will need to be head spaced on you gun anyway so running in throating reamer is nothing.

I have well over $400.00 into this thing but will let it go for $325.00 shipped.

Thanks for looking


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