SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5x284 Lapua Brass and other stuff


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Feb 2, 2009
I hav 100 pieces of Lapua Brass for sale for a 6.5x284. There is 48 fired and 51 unfired. I sent one with the barrel I sold. The brass was just fire formed with really light loads. I will throw in 52 Horanady SST' with the sale. 90.00 (SOLD PENDING FUNDS)

I also have Forester Comp seating die for 6.5x284 65.00 tyd

I have a Wilson Cartridge case gauge for the 284 as well 30.00 TYD

Head space gauges Go and no GO gauges 20.00 a piece

I will sell everything as a group for 200.00
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