6.5mm Barnes

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    Mar 28, 2014
    Well I have been reading everything possible before I start my first build. I am going to pick up a savage model 11 hog hunter in 308 and start my build from there.
    1st step is going to put it in a different stock and then decide on what 6.5 I want to rebarrel it to. I have been leaning to a 260 but still like the 6.5-284. Not really worried about buring the barrel out. If I burn it out then it would have been a lot of fun and I will just get a new one.

    Anyways here is my question. Being from Cali and not being able to get out anytime soon I am stuck with nonleaded. I have been shooting Barnes TTSX in both 243, 30-06 and 300RUM and have had good groups. I have not papered them past a 100 but the bullet has performed well on game the last few years. What I like about a 6.5 is the BC but with non lead I cant get the higher 6.5 BC bullets. I am stuck with the 120TTSX which I think is around BC of 4 or the 127LXR Barnes with a 4.68BC. Will these bullets get me out to 500-600 yards with accuaracy and power. anyone have any info on them. This gun will be used for paper, steel and game

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    Jan 29, 2013

    I shoot the 127 LRX out of my 260. It gets to minimum expansion velocity (1,800 fps) and 1,000 ft lbs of energy at 645 yards so yes, it will work fine out to 600 but not a whole lot more. Now out of my new 26 Nosler, that same bullet hits 1,800 fps at just over 1,000 yards. But you have to burn a lot more powder to do that.