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Mar 17, 2002
I am planning on hunting varmint and big game (deer size) with this rifle out to 1200 yards I figurd the bullet would have over 600 ft-lbs of energy would this be enugh energy for the deer size game? I would like to use the 142 6.5mm MK would this be a good bullet choice. Sierra has the BC on this bullet at 595 is that correct? The rifle is a hart action with a 1.25 to .900 28in 1-8.5 twist Krieger. What powders should I start with?

Three basic powders work well in the 6.5/284 witrh 142 or the 155 Gr Sierra.
1. H4831 SC
2. H4350
3. RL 22

We try not to drop below 900 FP of energy if we can for elk. It don't take much to kill a deer especially when they are not expecting anything from afar.

Thank you for the powders. I will try the H4831 SC first with the 142g SMKs what have you used for a powder charge with this combo in your riffle? I was going to start out with around 51g and work up from there. Do you think the 155 is a better bullet, what is the BC?
Crow Mag

49 to 52 grs with any of the powders mentioned will work with the 142gr.

The 155 has a higher BC but, you might just like the 142 a bit better.

I looked up the BC on the 142 SMK and the 155 SMK

Sierra MatchKing Bullets 6.5mm (264 Diameter) 142 Grain

Diameter: .264 inch
Bullet design: Jacketed hollow point
Sectional density: .291
Ballistic coefficient: .595 above 2850 fps, .580 from 2800 to 2400 fps, .575 from 2400 to 2050 fps, .550 below 2050 fps

Sierra MatchKing Bullets 6.5mm (.264 Diameter) 155 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail

Diameter: .264 inch
Bullet Design: Jacketed Hollow Point
Sectional Density: .318
Ballistic Coefficient:

.570 above 2800 fps

.560 from 2800 to 2000 fps

.555 below 2000 fps

The 142g looks better until it gets below 2000fps. The velocity of the 142g would go under 2000fps around 700yrds then the 155g would have a .005BC advantage. I will half to get some of both of these bullets and see witch one performs best in my rifle on the longer shots. My barrel will be here in about a month. Thank you for your help?

I looked at bergers web page and ran the .627 BC on my program and it looks impressive. Has any one used these bullets on game? If so what did you think of the performance?

The Berger jackets are much thinner then the MK and Walt himself discouraged his bullets on deer size animals. He said the "blow Up" wound factor on shoulders or bone was his concern with the thinner jackets.

Some have used the 210 Berger in the 30 cal with some success though from what I have heard.

I have had success hunting with the 142 and the 155 MK and since it's not broke, I don't believe I will fix it.

Darryl Cassel

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Although (in my opinion)a bit marginal for 1200 yard kills, the 6.5-284 is a good one. I just got my first one a month ago and the powders Darryl mentioned seem to be what everyone uses. Mine has a 30 inch barrel and with 55 grains of H4831SC can achieve over 3,100 fps. That is a fairly stiff load but shows no pressure signs at all in my rifle. You shouldn't have any problem shooting 53 to 55 grains of that powder in your gun. The 142 probably would be your best bet for hunting purposes. The A-max shoots extremely well but man does that bullet blow up. It makes an excellent woodchuck stopper.
Enjoy the new rifle.
Prime Time
what barrel contour is your 30 inch barrel? I was wondering what brass you use. I am looking at the Lapua brass.
Mine is a Krieger #10 which is .940 at muzzle and specifically for the 1,000 yard light gun class. Many people still use the Winchester
brass but the latest stuff from Norma is very good and what I shoot. If you get the Norma, make sure you get it from lot #4, this is very good brass but the older stuff is not. The best way to tell if it is from lot#4 is to weigh it, if it is around 202-205 grains, it is the good stuff. If it's up around 220, it's from the previous lots and you may as well throw it away. The winchester works but you have to sort through it more. I don't know anything about the Lapua or Hornady.
Good shooting
PrimeTime or Darryl
What is your overall length with a 142g SMK. I have all the component in and need to make a dummy round for my gun smith.
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