6.5 wsm Kreiger, Vias MB, 700 BM and follower


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Feb 27, 2015
Nice set up just not my style. 90 rounds fired. Light contoured 24 inch kreiger 1:8 twist finishes right at .6 Vias muzzel break at the end 1/2×32 threads. Will throw in the hinged floor plate and follower as it feeds perfect. I was able to get it to shoot a .5 inch group with reloader 23 and 123 ELD-M bullets today. This is all OD green cerekote but the muzzel brake and bottom metal both show wear on the cerekote and probably need to be touched up if you want it looking prestine. Chambered barrel, Vias and bottom metal with follower-$750 shipped. I'll keep everything together for now. When somebody wants it I'll take it to the Smith and have the barrel spun off.
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