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    Dec 4, 2008
    The initial chambering for the sst has been quite a hit. It was designed to run 147 class bullets up to 3100' at a coal of 2.8". This allows 6.5 Saum performance that will fit in just about any magazine. It has been super easy to load for and is extremely accurate!
    It soon became apparent that with the success of this shorty, there was a need for a throated version. The new SST II will up the performance for those running 2.9"+ mag boxes. This will give more pop to the competitive shooters and those wanting to chamber hunting rifles as well. All this while providing the same smooth feeding qualities of the original version. With head stamped brass coming in the near future, this is a great opportunity to spin one up and be right on the heels of the bar setting SS round. The reamer should be available in about 10-12 weeks. Pre orders for brass are still available for a limited time....rich
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